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Numismatics is the study and/or collecting of monetary exchange media with a purpose...

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Baseball, basketball, football and more sports related collectibles. From trading cards to authentic autographs..

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CollectibleConsignMints (CC-Mints) offers consignment collectibles that are in new or mint condition. . It’s all in our name (Collectible-Consign-Mints) and the keyword is MINT, as in “mint” condition. All of CC-Mints collectible showcased on this site come from private collectors at this time.

Many of the collectible items listed through out this site will change from time-to-time so it’s always good to check-back here, at our eBay store, and in our featured item sections. For example:

Coins, stamps, and currency. Soon to be offering collecting supplies as well... Morgan Silver Dollars, American Silver Eagles, Presidential Dollars, America the Beautiful Quarters and much, much more mint collectible coins are available.

Baseball, basketball, football and sports memorabilia & collectibles, from trading cards to autographed art and more are being listed every week...

Comics are being listed as you read and are currently available HERE (as showcase items).

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Offering the best available collectibles that are in need of a new home at a reasonable price...

Some of our more popular items include: Silver Dollar Coins, Proof Coins, PSA Graded Trading Cards, NGC Graded Coins, Basketball Rookie Cards, Football Rookie Trading Cards, Hollywood Movies, Basketball Jerseys Cards, Football Jerseys, Music Memorabilia, Autographed Memorabilia, Silver and/or Gold items, Certified Signature collectibles, and more...

If you are interested in parting with your mint state numismatic, sports memorabilia or media & entertainment collectibles, contact us to discuss terms and conditions. CollectibleConsignMints has built a reputation as top rated power seller but has also realized that the current economic climate is bad for business.  Unfortunately, until there is necessary change to and within the current socio-political climate, which is bad for nearly all World business, CollectibleConsignMints advises everyone not to sell their collectibles.

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